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Post Graduation

Midshipmen can decide‚ based on their interests‚ what they want to do after graduation. There are many areas for them to choose from.

  • Being commissioned as either a Naval or Marine Corps Officer means an opportunity to become one of the great leaders in the era of the Blue Ocean Navy.
  • There are many career fields from which graduates can choose. Once commissioned‚ they will work as professionals with special skills.
  • Newly-commissioned officers are given a chance to study either at a domestic and overseas graduate school for their Master’s and Doctorate degrees funded by the government.
  • They are given a chance to acquire a number of useful licenses such as a lisence for commercial flight‚ navigation‚ and engineering‚ depending on the area they work for.
  • They can choose to retire from the military after 5 years of serving as an officer.
  • An officer is one of the most secure jobs in the labor market. A lifetime pension is given when an officer retires after serving for over 20 years.
  • Female officers are welcomed and actively supported.
  • Officers can participate in overseas naval education programs

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