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Sports clubs and extracurricular activities

Midshipmen develop their talents through various types of activities. While taking part in sports games in their sports club‚ they develop their physical strength as well as leadership. Moreover‚ each midshipman participate in leisure activities in a club that is dedicated to a particular interest such as watching movies‚ reading literature‚ drawing and playing music. Midshipmen have a chance to develop their talent and skills under the guidance of a special instructor who provide help for each sports and leisure club. They alsosometimes have opportunities to compete and work with other civilian university students. In addition‚ during Okpo Festival midshipmen show off their talents they have developed in various kinds of art performances and exhibitions.

There are Leisure clubs for

Reading literature‚ publishing Naval Academy Newspaper‚ Studying naval war history‚ computer programming‚ painting‚ playing rock music‚ watching movies‚ taking pictures‚ etc.

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There are sports clubs for

Sailing a yacht‚ canoeing‚ wind surfing‚ swimming‚ skin scuba‚ Taekwondo‚ Judo‚ Kendo‚ soccer‚ rugby‚ basketball‚ volleyball‚ tennis‚ American Football‚ bowling and golf.

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