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All the expenses for their study during enrollment at the Naval Academy are provided by the government‚ and all midshipmen are given a certain amount of allowance for each month.

At the time of enrollment‚ everyone is given portable labtop computer. In addition‚ every senior midshipmen could have a chance to visit many countries all around the world while taking part in a cruise training.

During enrollment at the Naval Academy‚ several selected midshipmen could have a chance to study at other naval academies in the United State‚ France‚ Germany‚ Turkey and Germany. Moreover‚ many students have an opportunity to visit other military organizations in many countries (such as U.S.‚ Australia‚ U.K.‚ and France.)

  • Available to participate at International Scientific Research Seminars
  • Travel around the world

Globalized education

Other benefits include chances to take part in various extracurricular activities. Furthermore‚ upon graduation‚ a Bachelor of Arts‚ Science or Engineering as well as a Bachelor of Military Sciences are awarded to every student.

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