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Badges‚ Duty Marks and Honor Symbols

Midshipmen Ranks

Midshipmen Ranks
Year Epaulet Sleeve marking
1 Submission badges’s image Submission badges’s detail image
2 Example badges’s image Example badges’s detail image
3 self-control badges’s image self-control badges’s detail image
4 Guidance badges’s image Guidance badges’s detail image

Title of Midshipmen`s Regiment Personnel

Midshipmen Ranks
Position Rank Badge
Regimental commander
Midshiman CPT Regimental commander midshipmen badges’s image
Vice Regimental commander
Midshipman CDR Vice Regimental commander midshipmen badges’s image
Admin officer MIDS Midshipman LCDR Admin officer MIDS badges’s image
Information & Operations officer
Midshipman LCDR Information & Operations officer MIDS badges’s image
Logistics officer MIDS Midshipman LCDR Logistics officer MIDS badges’s image
Communication officer MIDS Midshipman LCDR Communication officer MIDS badges’s image
Battalion Commander MIDS Midshipman CDR Battalion Commander MIDS badges’s image
Vice battalion CDR MIDS Midshipman LCDR Vice battalion CDR MIDS badges’s image
Admin Personnel Midshipman LT Admin Personnel badges’s image
MIDS information Midshipman LT MIDS information badges’s image
MIDS logistics Midshipman LT MIDS logistics badges’s image
MIDS communication Midshipman LT MIDS communication badges’s image
Ist LT Midshipman LT Ist LT badges’s image
Company commander MIDS Midshipman LT Company commander MIDS badges’s image
Vice company CDR MIDS Midshipman LTJG Vice company CDR MIDS badges’s image
Platoon leader Midshipman Ensign Platoon leader badges’s image

All the badges are colored gold except for squad leader's which is colored silver

Indication for Excellent Midshipmen

Every semester‚ midshipmen who are exceptional in their academic performance‚ attitude and physical ability are recognized and recorded in the academy register. They also get various kinds of special graces on their life in the academy‚ so all the midshipmen try to do their best in everything they do in the academy.

Midshipmen Ranks
Classification Criterion Mark
Honor certificate Midshipmen who have a GPA of 3.70 or higher for semester without D or F on any subject in addition to B or higher in fitness and behavior. Honor certificate badges’s image
Military discipline certificate Mishipmen who have A or higher on their fitness and behavior and have B+ or higher on their GPA without F in any subject. Military discipline certificate badges’s image
Physical strength certificate Midshipmen who have A(4.00) on the test of practical skills in sports and on the physical strength test in addition to B+(3.30) or higher on their physical training written test. Physical strength certificate badges’s image

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