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History of Republic of Korea Naval Academy

History of Korea Naval Academy
1946. 1.17. Established as the 'Navy School
(1st Superintendent : LTCDR Son, Won–il)
1954. 7. 9. First Cruise Training(9th class)
1956. 4.10. Commissioning ceremony and conferment of degree(Bachelor of Science)
1976. 4. 9. Conferment of degrees(Bachelor of Science and Engineering)
1987. 3.31. Conferment of degree(Bachelor of Science, Engineering, and Arts)
1999. 2.20. First female midshipmen enrollment(57th class)
2005. 3.11. Conferment of multiple degree(Military Science degree in addition to BS, BE, or BA)
2016. 1.17. The 70th anniversary of the Republic of Korea Naval Academy

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