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  Naval Academy Peninsula

ROKNA Sacared area

This peninsula is 100 meters long and is meant to remind midshipmen of the spirit of naval service. It is very well known among visitors because the scenery is beautiful, and the mast of the ROKS Baekdoosan and a monument for war dead are located. The monument for war dead graduates was set on June 6, 2001, and the graduates’ class, name, date of demise, and identification numbers are inscribed on its surface. The mast of ROKS Baekdoosan, located at the very end of the peninsula, commemorates the first battle ship of the ROK Navy. This ship was bought from the US Navy on October 17, 1949 by the donation from the navy and Korean citizens. This ship led the victory at the Battle of Korea Strait. The mast was set in 1966 after its retirement in 1959.

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