LT.Ogden's greeting!

As an exchange instructor to the Korean Naval Academy, I have the distinct and honorable privilege to work with one of the United States greatest allies and to impart my knowledge of English and the U.S. Naval experience to further improve our understanding of each other and, thus strengthen our mutual commitment to peace and stability in North East Asia. I come with a great sense of obligation to you cadets, recognizing that the English you learn as cadets will be used throughout your naval careers on and off the seas, regardless of the host country you are working alongside. Furthermore, the English skills you learn here and hone throughout your years in the Navy will serve you in the business world as well. As we move into the 21st century and the world economy becomes globalized, today's cadets will bo tomorrow's leaders, responsible for safeguarding your coasts and keeping your shipping lanes open for trade, leading your country  and families into even greater wealth and prosperity. The responsibility passed on to you must not be taken lightly. Your diligent study of English, along with your commitment to your degree program is your ticket to success!

 I look forward to teaching every one of you, and look even more forward to the opportunity when I can return as a watch officer of a U.S. Navy ship for one of our joint operations, and communicate with you via bridge-to-birdge.


Ogden, Robert F.